A Guide to Outcomes Assessment in Education Abroad

The field of education abroad is always seeking better data about learning outcomes to improve programs and advocate for the value of education abroad. To support this work, the Forum has published a Guide to Outcomes Assessment in Education Abroad which debuted at the Forum Conference in Austin, Texas. Edited by Mell C. Bolen,, this essential publication provides tools for implementing outcomes assessment as a part of education abroad programming.

The topics covered by the Guide include:

Chapter 1: The Place of Outcomes in Higher Education Today and the Implications for Study Abroad: Michael Steinberg
Chapter 2: Research Design in Assessing Learning Outcomes of Study Abroad Programs: Richard Sutton, Ann Miller, Donald Rubin
Chapter 3: Areas of Study in Outcomes Assessment ; Joy Evans and Elaine Meyer-Lee
Chapter 4: How to Begin: Key Decision Points in the Assessment Process: Lee Sternberger, Bruce La Brack, and Brian Whalen
Chapter 5: An Overview of the Basic Methods of Outcomes Assessment: Darla Deardorff, Duane Deardorff

Chapter 6: Literature and Resources for Outcomes Assessment: David Comp, Sophie Gladding, Gary Rhodes, Skye Stephenson, Michael Vande Berg,
Chapter 7: Using Instruments for Education Abroad Outcomes Assessment: R. Michael Paige, Elizabeth M. Stallman
Chapter 8: Defining Terms for Use in Designing Outcomes' Project: Chip Peterson, Lilli Engle, Lance Kenney,  Kim Kreutzer, William Nolting, Anthony Ogden
Chapter 9: Securing Funding for Outcomes' Assessment Projects: Maia Stierankova, Veronique Dozier, Kevin Gormely and Mary Schmeidel
Chapter 10: How and Why to Use Results of Outcomes Assessment: Darla Deardorff

The Forum thanks the following partners for their generous support of this publication:


Boston University International Programs

Institute for the International Education of Students (IES)

The Scholar Ship

University of California Education Abroad Program (UC-EAP)





Arcadia University

Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA)

Kalamazoo College

Suffolk University Madrid Campus

University of Minnesota Learning Abroad Center

University of Pennsylvania Office of International Programs

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