Data Collection

2013 Institutional and Program Resources Survey

A project of the STAIR working group, the 2013 Institutional and Program Resources Survey collects further data on education abroad administration (advising and program management) that includes workload, salaries, and job descriptions. The topics being surveyed are critical to understanding current practices in education abroad, and are not addressed by any other organization.


View the Preliminary Report.


State of the Field Surveys

The Forum State of the Field Survey is a signature initiative which takes the pulse of the field on a wide range of issues for all education abroad constituents.

Now in its fifth iteration, the State of the Field Survey data is the field's only source of longitudinal information. It has a significant impact on the field and on the direction of future Forum initiatives.



Learn more about the Forum's State of the Field Surveys.



Education Abroad Glossary

Education Abroad Glossary, 2nd Edition

In April 2011, the Forum released the 2nd edition of it Education Abroad Glossary, a project of the Glossary Task Force. The Glossary is currently available to all professionals in the field in hard copy and online. An electronic version can be viewed here:


Education Abroad Glossary


The Education Abroad Glossary Task Force, 2nd Edition:

  • Chip Peterson, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Chair)
  • Jason Kinnear, University of Missouri, Columbia
  • Kim Kreutzer, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Kurt Olausen, University of Cincinnati
  • Karen Ramos, University of Cincinnati
  • David Rudd, Arcadia University



Education Abroad Glossary, 1st Edition

The Glossary made its print debut at the Forum conference in Portland Oregon in February 2009. The Education Abroad Glossary resulted from a four-year effort of the Glossary Task Force, led by Chip Peterson (University of Minnesota), along with feedback and dialogue from Forum members and the field at large.


The Forum thanks the following members for supporting the publication of the Education Abroad Glossary:






  • Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
  • Dartmouth College
  • Ohio State Unviersity
  • Southern Methodist University
  • University of Melbourne


Critical Incident Database

Launch of the Critical Incident Database

The Critical Incident Database (CID), a new tool for use by Forum members in tracking critical incidents that occur while their students are abroad, will be launched on August 15, 2013.


Critical Incident Database Pre-launch Template

In advance of the launch of the live Critical Incident Database, members were invited to use the template to collect and manage essential incident information for their programs and students abroad.


Incident Database Pilot Project

The Forum's Incident Database Pilot project sought to track incidents and provide information about the patterns of incidents through a consistent, standardized reporting mechanism. The Pilot Project collected this data between August 15, 2009 and February 1, 2010.



NEW! Education Abroad Capacity Survey

Education abroad traditionally has looked at capacity in terms of strategies and tactics to increase the number of students going abroad, the demand side of education abroad programs.


However, the field has yet to explore capacity for accommodating more students on current programs, the supply of education abroad.


The Forum has developed a ten-question member survey to measure program supply. The results of this survey will provide important information to help guide national efforts and assist Forum member institutions to plan for the future.


Preview the survey questions here: 2014 Education Abroad Capacity Survey



Other Surveys

Survey on the Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on Education Abroad (2009)

Between August 24 – September 4, 2009, the Forum conducted a survey of its members to assess the impact of the global economic crisis on education abroad. The results provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date data on how the economic crisis is impacting U.S. education abroad activity.  The survey asked about the impact of the economic crisis on enrollment in education abroad programs, budgeting for education abroad, and impact on students' choice of education abroad programs.



The Forum Pathways Survey (2008)

This long-anticipated project examines the professional development of the field by gathering data about salaries, workload, and other job-related topics. The Forum is pleased to present a report summarizing the data, discussing the challenges faced by institutions and organizations, and the next steps the Committee will take based on these results.



Survey on Program Management (2007)

This survey was used by the Standards Committee in its work developing the Code of Ethics.



Survey on Participation Rates (2003) 

This survey details education abroad participation rates including number of external students. Provider participation rates are also highlighted.



Data Committee

The Data Committee seeks to expand the scope of data collection and analysis in the field through a variety of initiatives. It is charged with the development of new and effective methodologies for collecting quantitative and qualitative data about education abroad, including data about student participation, program characteristics, and issues and topics in the field.


Data Committee

Margaret Wiedenhoeft, Kalamazoo College, Chair

Martin Hogan, DIS

Kim Kreutzer, University of Colorado, Boulder

David Shallenberger, School for International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute

Sarah Spencer, University of Saint Thomas, Vice Chair


StAIR Working Group: Strategic Alliances,    Infrastructure and Resources

This working group will develop resources based on collected data to assist Forum institutional members to assess and advance their education abroad resources and infrastructure. 

  • Lisa Donatelli, Georgetown University
  • Sarah Groskreutz, University of Minnesota
  • Sarah Spencer, University of Saint Thomas



If you are interested in initiating a project or working group, please complete this form: New Project-New Working Group.



Open Doors & Snapshot Surveys

The Forum on Education Abroad and the Institute of International Education (IIE) gather advanced data on study abroad enrollments to supplement the regular U.S. study abroad data collection conducted through IIE’s Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange. The snapshot survey provides the study abroad field with top-line study abroad enrollment trends for the academic year, as well as baseline data on non-credit education abroad and participation by non-U.S. citizens in study abroad programs at U.S. colleges and universities.


Forum/IIE 2011 Snapshot Survey


Forum/IIE 2010 Snapshot Survey


Open Doors Survey 

This summary reflects the Forum membership data in the Open Doors data for 2002-2003. Download PDF of Summary of IIE Open Doors Data for Forum Membership: Academic Year 2002-2003