Standards of Good Practice


The Forum's commitment to developing and promoting standards of good practice for the field of education abroad lies at the core of the Forum's mission. The ultimate goal of the Standards is to improve practices in education abroad, so that our students' international educational experiences are as rich and meaningful as possible.

The goals of the Forum's standards work are to:


  • Provide a forum for discussion and generation of good practices.
  • Develop, publish and disseminate agreed upon standards of good practice.
  • Develop and provide tools for measuring good practices.
  • Advocate for global adoption of standards of good practice.


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A DRAFT of the Revised Standards of Good Practice (5th ed.) is now available to the public for review! Please send feedback to


The Standards Guidelines


Where the Standards provide a broad structure for excellence, assessment and quality improvement, Guidelines contextualize the Standards in specific areas of education abroad practice. They give guidance for practices and types of programs, particularly where these practices and programs are significantly different from the same in the home campus context.


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NOW AVAILABLE: Guidelines for Volunteer, Internship Experience and Work (VIEW) Programs Abroad


The Standards Committee is pleased to make available Guidelines for Volunteer, Internship Experience and Work (VIEW) Programs Abroad.


Andrea Custodi, Standards Committee co-chair said  "The process of discussing, drafting, and reviewing this document was truly a collaborative one, and I extend my gratitude to the many colleagues who participated in it. We're delighted with the final product, and are confident that these guidelines will serve as a timely and valuable resource to the Forum membership as this area garners increasing interest and attention within the field."


Customized Standards of Good Practice Workshops


The Forum on Education Abroad’s Customized Standards Workshops provide timely training grounded in the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. Workshops can be tailored to focus on issues of concern to your organization such as training of faculty program leaders; review of Standard 8 on health, safety, security and risk management; or using the Standards as a means to assess and improve your organization’s programs and operations.


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QUIP (Quality Improvement Program)


To further its strategic goal of developing and implementing standards to improve the quality of education abroad programs, the Forum on Education Abroad provides its institutional members with the opportunity to participate in its Quality Improvement Program (QUIP) for Education Abroad.


The goal of QUIP is to promote high standards of practice throughout the field of education abroad. 


QUIP consists of a guided self-study and peer review process, resulting in a comprehensive report and recommendations in the areas of program design, evaluation and assessment, marketing and promotion, student advising, and resources and operations.


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Standards Committee


Andrea Custodi, Alliance for Global Education, Chair

William Anthony, Northwestern University

Scott Daby, University of Minnesota

Chris Deegan, University of Illinois, Chicago

Michelle Gere, Yale University

Trevor Goddard, Monash University

Dennis Gordon, Santa Clara University

Barbara Gorka, University of Pennsylvania

Mark Hayes, American University

Peter Kerrigan, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Mark Lenhart, CET Academic Travel, Vice-Chair

Annagene Yucas, CAPA International Education


The Standards Toolbox


The Standards Toolbox is multi-faceted resource developed to support Forum members by providing examples of best practices, and access to proprietary resources developed by the Forum on Education Abroad for use by its members. The Standards Toolbox is also the place where the Forum posts communications to its members, such as drafts of documents reserved for member comment, and acts as the portal to the Forum's Ethics Corner discussions.


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