Research on Education Abroad Database (READ)

The Data Committee has created the Research on Education Abroad Database (READ), a new, online database of research projects in education abroad. 

READ is open to both members of the Forum and non-members.  It is a service to the field of education abroad. To login, the username is FORUM followed immediately by any number between 1 and 90.  The password is GUEST followed immediately by the same number.

Examples are:

username = FORUM1
password = GUEST1

username = FORUM90
password = GUEST90

If you do not gain access with the first number you try, it is most likely that another user has selected the same number.  Simply try another number between 1 and 90.


Contributions are welcome from both Forum members and non- members. If you would like to submit a project, email Vija G. Mendelson the following information:

A sample record can be downloaded for your review.