First Forum European Conference

Reinventing the European Experience:

Culture, Politics and Diversity in U.S. Education Abroad

December 5-7, 2012
Dublin, Ireland

Host Institution: University College Dublin

Conference Co-Sponsors

Association of American Colleges in Greece (AACG)

Association of American College and University Programs in Italy (AACUPI)

Association of American College and University Programs in Switzerland (AACUPS)

Association of American Programs in Spain (APUNE/AAPS)

Association of American Study Abroad Programmes/United Kingdom (AASAP/UK)

Association of American University Programs in France (APUAF)



The Forum on Education Abroad’s first European conference focuses on the education abroad destination that has been and continues to be the most popular for U.S. students: Europe, including the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Some students, faculty or institutions may view Europe as a mere sightseeing opportunity. While Europe is home to treasures of Western civilization, it also continues to be a vibrant theatre of contemporary cultural, political and intellectual activity, of diverse societies sharing a common core, transforming tradition without renouncing it.


This conference seeks to understand how a changing and evolving Europe creates new realities for U.S. education abroad. What attracts students to study abroad in Europe? How can we best maximize their learning opportunities by drawing on the distinctive opportunities that Europe offers? What are the special challenges of developing, implementing and sustaining education abroad in Europe?


The conference will address the interests of education abroad administrators and faculty who work and teach in Europe, as well as colleagues from the U.S. who work with European programs and universities. The European Conference is intentionally smaller in scale and shorter in duration than the Forum’s annual conference. The common goal of the conference will be to share ideas for model practices for U.S. education abroad in Europe, including program design and curriculum, teaching, and a wide range of administrative issues and topics. Conference sessions will maintain the distinctive format of the Forum's annual conference by promoting collegial dialogue and the lively exchange of ideas through attendee participation. Preference will be given to sessions that offer several perspectives on a topic, rather than a single personal or institutional view.

View an electronic version of the conference mailer here.


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The Forum would like to thank the following colleagues for their time and commitment serving on the Conference Committee:

Liam Ó Dochartaigh, formerly of University of Limerick, Chair
Elaine Staunton, IES Abroad London Center
Timothy Carlson, IFE - French Field Study and Internship
Enda Carroll, University College Dublin
Alexis Phylactopoulos, College Year in Athens/DIKEMES
Portia Prebys, Saint Mary’s College Rome Program

Kristopher Riggs, Brethren Colleges Abroad Marburg Program

Carlos A. Vega, Wellesley College
Ray Vernon, ACCENT International
Jessica Williams, Davidson College



The Forum appreciates the support of Failte Ireland and